WWII Bombs Found in Hong Kong’s Business District

WWII Bombs Found in Hong Kong’s Business District

Wan Chai, Hongkong– Who would have thought that beneath a busy business district lies a couple of fatal bombs? Talk about a major disaster waiting to unfold!

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The Hong Kong police were kept busy during the last week of January as two vintage bombs were unearthed on separate days within the vicinity of Wan Chai Business District.

The authorities shutdown the district to ensure security as they stabilize the bomb. Ferry service and nearby buildings also halted their operations.

Officer Alick McWhirter said that the difficulty of defusing the second bomb has become more challenging. “The bomb is in dangerous condition. The fuse mechanism is severely damaged,” said the officer.

(Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/news/business/article197542664.html#storylink=cpy)

The first bomb was defused two days before the second bomb was found.

Meanwhile, hotel-goers from Renaissance Harbour View Hotel which is located beside the construction site, shared the commotion during their stay.

A letter from Renaissance asking for an ‘Evacuation Request’. Photo by: adevermann

Some were asked to vacate their rooms while some were astounded by the heightened security implemented after two unexploded vintage wartime bombs were found on a construction site near their hotel.

An award-winning actress who was staying at the hotel snapped a photo during the commotion. Photo by: Joanna Ampil

You can tell that the Hong Kong Police wasted no time to make a successful move. Their dedication was evident during the entire commotion. From proper handling to a strategical disposal of the bomb, the police force did their entire best to ensure the safety of their city.

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