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Watch out for these new fashion influencers in Asia – They will conquer the world!

Watch out for these new fashion influencers in Asia – They will conquer the world!

PeN Chat is always on the look out for amazing social influencers that make the cyber world more beautiful. Here’s our initial list of fashion or lifestyle social media influencers that we love (and this list will keep on growing!) Check out their IG accounts and follow them.

  1. Stylekush – Style Kush is a fashion/style and lifestyle blog created by Ira Otivar from Hong Kong,  but was born and raised in the Philippines. She’s now a new mom and we can’t wait how she’d dress the little one!
  2. Cosmic Being – Cosmic Being is a fashion and lifestyle blog by Chessica Mirasol. As cliche as this may sound, she’s a classic example of beauty and brains rolled into one. Apart from her clean yet trendy fashion sense, you better read her blog and get to know her amazing insights from everyday shenanigans.
  3. Minimalist Pinay – Her style is crisp, clean and classic. You will love everything in her feed. It’s absolutely to die for.
  4. Mitzi Jonelle – This fashion and travel – lover is soon to make noise. Her unique beauty, great attitude, and superb style is just fantastic!
  5. Fashncravings – Look at her feed and you’d get hungry for food and fashion. Her look is so charming, you can’t help but to check out all her photos.
  6. Sweet Roxieee – You just can’t help but fall in love with her sweet looks and style that you can easily copy any day!
  7. Shaira Angelique – She’s pretty and witty! What more can you ask for? Follow her IG and get a daily dose of positivity.
  8. Sherie Dane Wenceslao Lañada – Her unique looks will surely blow you away. The vintage – inspired looks will always be our favorite.
  9. ItsJustRoxy – Do you want to check out amazing swim wears? She has it! I bet this lady loves the beach, and I am envious right now!
  10. Lauren Espino – No doubt that Lauren is a head turner. You really have to watch out for her. I couldn’t stop browsing!



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PeN’s Favorites – Top Travel Bloggers around the World

PeN’s Favorites – Top Travel Bloggers around the World

PeN’s Favorites – Top Travel Bloggers around the World

PeN's Favorites - Top Travel Bloggers around the World

We all love to travel! Apart from taking IG – worthy photos, we all want to experience something different – something far from what we are accustomed to. In the older days, we resort to travel agencies or travel companies in getting ideas where to go to on our next vacation.  But now, we get inspiration from travel bloggers. And a lot of times, we want to be in their shoes.

We are guilty of this!

Speaking of which, we have our own list of Top Travel Bloggers. These travel blogs have provided valuable insights about travelling and the entire lifestyle. Do you want to know them?

Let’s start!

1. Chasing the Donkey  – Get to know more about the best travel destinations in Croatia and beyond! It’s not just about the awesome scenery, it’s about the people, food and culture.

2. Ordinary Traveler – There’s nothing ordinary about this blog. You get to see stunning photos, and of course  – amazing travel tips.

3. My Tan Feet – If you want to read more about Costa Rica, then this one here might be your best bet.

4. Be My Travel Muse – Are you a girl wanting to travel the world? Get inspired with all the travel tips you can get from here.

5. A Luxury Travel Blog – Not a fan of backpacking style of travelling? Then you might want to check out this blog and enjoy shiny and fancy things on the road.

6. Bucket List Journey  – Still having a hard time which one should fill your bucket list? Worry no more because there is a blog that can help you. Learn more about Annette from her interview with Mighty Goods.

7. Travel with Bender – If you want to travel the world (with your kids), this would be one of the best blogs to follow.

8. Cheapest Destinations – Because  we want to travel around the world without breaking our banks, right?

9. Travels of Adam – If you want some of the coolest things to do around the globe, we recommend that you read this blog!

10. To Europe and Beyond – Check out some great insights about various destinations that can give you a fresh perspective on travelling.

11. Off Assignment – Get real travel stories! Most blogs are too commercialized. This one is the real deal.

If you want to start your travel blogging life, make sure you are always safe. Why don’t you use PeN’s SOS feature and SPOT so your family will have lesser worries wherever you are.

Do you know upcoming travel bloggers that might be a good fit in our list. Send us their names and we’ll see!


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Top Tech Bloggers in India that We should Follow, 2017 List

With so much information from the internet, it is hard to filter what’s true or what’s not. So if you are looking for some honest tech tips and tricks, do not just resort to mediocre websites. There are a lot of good tech bloggers that our PeN team are eyeing for inspiration and motivation. We have few in India and you might want to check them out as well. As time passes by, we will add more tech bloggers who deserve to be in our FAVORITES! Continue reading →

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Pen App finally lands on Google Play

blog 2Check Lady Lionheart blogpost here

Discover great places to visit, places you really want see, where you can shop for your personal style, where you find your favorite food and activities that tailor made your lifestyle.


Revolutionizing the simple pen, with advancement of technology the simple pen is no longer just for writing but is now for multi-faced communications. In the past Pen Chat App used it to write or draw and communicate, now it can do a lot more including using it to make phone calls, share content and interact in the real world.


PeN is an instant Social Messaging application that combines the simplicity of instant messaging and the reach of Social Media with free voice, SMS and video services. Like most instant messaging applications it allows sharing of information and like any social media application it enables publishing any content allowed in social circles. Now, it is finally on Google Play!

PEN is designed with the ideals of simplicity and is continuously being improved to provide a better user experience. Basic functionalities includes
– Chat
– Voice Calls
– Photo Sharing
– Video Sharing
– File Sharing
– Location Sharing
– Post to Social Media
– Video Calls
– Discover and Locate Friends
– Personal Safety and Security
– Crime deterrent and prevention
– Discover great places

Download the app now! – Pe/n

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