PeN is a new breed of super app, it is your app for everything from Dark Matter AB in Sweden. PeN is your super app combining the power of messaging, voice, social media, health, safety, emergency and e-commerce in in a single application.

We are revolutionizing how we use the simple pen, from writing on paper to a complete suite of advance applications. Gone are the days of pen and paper, now is the time of pen in your mobile device.

Our vision is to connect everyone in the four corners of the world, taking from our expertise in mobile technology and background in telecoms. Connecting the world means we bring easy and free access to communications, information, social media, emergency and health services, shopping and location based services including to the underserved and often ignored population of our world.  In doing so we want to improve lives in every little ways we can while always giving back to the users who power the continuous growth of PeN.